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Sheena Robinson is a professional artist in the state of New Jersey. She received her formal education in Visual Arts, at Arts High School in Newark, N.J. Her first showcase was November 18, 2010, at the "Heart Gallery" in Montclair, NJ, where she also painted live for the first time.

At that moment, she gained the confidence to embark on a journey following her passion. The time and energy she places into her craft has created value that many notable collectors have come to appreciate and invest in.


Sheena’s commitment to her craft and undeniable passion has molded her into a Fine Artist. In her mind, success isn't just one monumental moment of achieving a goal or fame as an Artist. Success is mastering her craft while living a lifestyle of freedom and creativity. 


Her direct impact on the community of Newark, and its surrounding towns does not go unnoticed. She is an active advocate for promoting peace and awareness. A number of fans gained notice of Sheena through her numerous “Sip and Paint" for Breast Cancer, Autism Awareness, or Domestic Violence events. She is the designer of the “Love You Girl” foundation’s logo; as well as an annual participant in fundraising for the foundation.

One of her more recent works is a mural that was painted in honor of Shani Baraka; sister of the current mayor of Newark, NJ; Mayor Ras Baraka. The mural is painted on the wall of the newly opened "Shani Baraka Women's Crisis Center" and is a reminder that nobody is alone in the fight against domestic abuse. Domestic abuse can happen to anyone and sometimes the signs aren't always clear. Sheena's murals hold more value than just paintings on a wall; they express the feelings of the city of Newark and its people. 

Sheena's work has been purchased by various NBA players; such as Sterling Brown, of the Milwaukee Bucks; Luol Deng, of the Los Angeles Lakers; and Kenneth Faried, of the Denver Nuggets. Her art has also been acquired by Leigh-Anne Pinnock; member of the UK pop group "Little Mix”, making Sheena an internationally known artist.  

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